A team-based social gaming platform that revolves around your connections, locations and interests. A varsity sport for the entire campus to play. Not just for meeting people and adding them to a list, but battling alongside them with a common spirit and team pride. Not just for walking through places, but becoming familiar with your surroundings and the individuals who occupy them. After all, linkages in a social network are designed for action and fun, not counting and “poking”.

A sport not limited to athletes. Basic training. Lord of the Flies. Whatever you make of it. A simple yet strangely compelling casual game based on our mental associations with people, places and social affinities. Whether you’re battling against your rival Ivy League school, competing against the dorm across campus, or combating political opponents across the country, GoCrossCampus has your back.


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Seed Unknown WGI Fund, Easton Capital Unknown



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