Home Director designs, manufactures, sells and installs home networking solutions that connect audio systems, video and television services, security systems and utilities, personal computers and the Internet. Forming the foundation of a home’s technology infrastructure, Home Director’s award-winning Network Connection Centerâ„¢ integrates voice, video, data, services and devices into a single network. The network distributes services, using wired or wireless technology, throughout the home. For example, a single high-speed Internet connection, typically delivered to a single personal computer, is available everywhere in the home and can be simultaneously shared with multiple computers and Internet-enabled devices. Networking infrastructures, such as the Network Connection Center, distribute voice, video and data services into every room. With an incredible wide range of options and features, Home Director’s Network Connection Center can meet your communication, entertainment, computer


Tom Wilky (VP Marketing)

Mark Boggs (VP Business Development)

Kent Klineman (Board Member)

Stephen Ste. Marie (Board Member)

Daryl Stemm (CFO)

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