Hoodiny Entertainment Group, LLC (“Hoodiny”) is an international social media company that uses its patent-pending, user-personalized recommendation and discovery technology to power a variety of digital media services. Hoodiny has developed a proprietary technological solution to create Media Affinity Profiles (MAPs, utilizing a machine-learning, algorithmic process that requires little ongoing human programming to generate personalized, user-focused recommendations and discovery around any content or media type (music, video or text). Hoodiny’s personalization technology is much less labor intensive and provides a higher level of personalization than existing recommendation technology currently used by other services.

Hoodiny was founded in 2006, and currently has a staff of 20 professionals located in Miami. To date, the company has raised over $22 million and continues to seek strategic growth opportunities.


Demian Bellumio (CEO, President, Co-founder)

Ariel Bellumio (EVP, Co-founder)

Jose Gonzalez (EVP, Business and Legal Affairs)

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