HYPick is an easy way to post and share information with others on various subjects such as News, Health, Tech, Sports, Style, Showbiz and some of the Not Safe For Work stuff. You can even jump straight into the Random topics and have your say on just about anything that’s on your mind. The most active topics get featured on HYPick’s homepage. No good vote, bad vote system, just real people participation! The HYPick community decides what the top stories are, we just let it happen.

We’ve developed a little Firestarter to help your content reach a whole new audience. By pasting our Icon anywhere on your site, your audience can take your content much further. Because HYPick‘s community is passionate about having their say, an entirely new discussion is created about your content and linking back to you!


Oren Todoros (Social Media Strategist, Co-Founder)

Hilton Sher (Senior Web Developer, Co-Founder)

Adam Gitin (Web Developer)

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