Iminta is a service that wants to help you and your friends share what you’re into (hence the name) across your different social network.

The difference between Iminta and other social networking sites is that your friends don’t have to belong to twitter to see your tweets and they don’t have to visit Yelp to see the latest restaurant reviews you’ve written. Everything you do on these sites is updated to one place, Iminta, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t even really need to return there either. You can also select specific groups of friends to have access to your information. So, if you don’t want your work buddies to see the videos you’re favoring on YouTube, then don’t give them access to that account. Every site you belong to has different privacy settings so you’re not limited to all or nothing. Iminta is currently in private beta… Here’s my screencast tour of Iminta.



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