It was a warm Spring 2000 and I was sharing an apartment in San Francisco’s Mission District with Mike, my old college buddy. Mike owned a beat-up old white Honda Civic Hatchback that looked just like the million other boring ass white hatchbacks out there. One day he decided that he wanted to have a donkey painted on it. Not just any donkey, but the one from his favorite book, Platero y Yo. Mike eventually persuaded a muralist to turn his car into this moving pastoral scene. It cost him $1000.

Mike was onto something, but here were just a few problems. It was expensive. It was permanent. It was a donkey.

So we took all the creativity of Mike’s moving canvas and remove all the negatives. And thus was born the idea of adhesive Car Art. But then we thought, why stop there… Laptops, iPhones, walls… Can’t just about any surface be a canvas?


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
09/30/07 Series A 0.75M True Ventures Unknown