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  • Vladimir Smoliyaninov

    Vladimir Smoliyaninov

  • Claas Heise

    Claas Heise

  • Jürgen Kurb

    Jürgen Kurb

    Jürgen Kurb is an electronics engineer with more than 30 years experience in…
  • Alexey Kovsh

    Alexey Kovsh

    Before joining Innolume in 2003 as CTO, Alexey Kovsh spent two years in…
  • Tom Gebauer

    Tom Gebauer

    Thomas joined Innolume in November 2005. Prior to this he was Investment Manager…
  • Greg Wojcik

    Greg Wojcik

    In his 30 year engineering and mathematics career, Greg’s research has focused on…
  • Daniil Livshits

    Daniil Livshits

    With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing process of laser diodes,…
  • Guido Vogel

    Guido Vogel

    Guido joined Innolume in 2004, as Business Development Engineer of optoelectronic components. Prior…
  • Igor Krestnikov

    Igor Krestnikov

    Igor joined Innolume in 2003 to lead several customer-based projects. Currently he focuses…
  • Robert Young

    Robert Young

    Bob Young is a co-founding Managing Director of Mirador Capital LLC. Mirador Capital…
  • Ilia Dubinsky

    Ilia Dubinsky

    Ilia Dubinsky, a Partner of the S-Group Capital Management (SGCM), responsible for the…
  • Peter Guellmann

    Peter Guellmann

    Peter currently serves as the Head of NRW.BANK’s Equity Finance department. His tasks…
  • Joachim Rautter

    Joachim Rautter

    Joachim Rautter is the Director Investment Management at PEPPERMINT. Financial Partners. At PEPPERMINT…
  • Alexander Kachanov

    Alexander Kachanov

    Alexander is currently leading the development of high performance hands-free sensors for process…
  • Tonio Barlage

    Tonio Barlage

    Tonio joined PolyTechnos in 2003. Previously, he was President, COO, and CFO of…
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  • Advanced Laser Separation International

    Advanced Laser Separation International

    ALSI today’s organization has a strong focus on Innovation and Process Development fitting the needs of…
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