Innovid`s award-winning vision came to life when two of its founders met at the now-famous innovators` group, Garage Geeks, where they built noncommercial technology projects for fun.

Existing Video ads can be intrusive and out of context. At Innovid, we believe that online video should be as interactive as the Internet is today, with many interchangeable elements that give the viewer dynamic content rather than a static succession of frames. We`re bringing this vision to life by innovating the way viewers interact with and engage with online video ads . iRollĀ®, our interactive pre-roll ad product, has powered the most interactive pre-roll campaigns with well-known brands and agencies.

Our focus is creating a video ad experience that integrates well with the content, both contextually and visually. Creating positive viewer impressions translates into real value to both advertisers and publishers, leading to better brand experiences and higher interaction rates.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
03/01/08 Series A 3M Genesis Partners Unknown
09/01/10 Other 4.1M T-Venture, Genesis Partners Unknown
08/01/11 Series B 9.5M Sequoia Capital, Genesis Partners, T-Venture Unknown