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Integrated Insurance Technologies Corporation (IIT) launched its business on November 20th, 2002 by acquiring all of the business operations and software products of ZeBU, a leading provider of agency management software and data movement solutions to the insurance industry. The focus of this new company is to provide innovative solutions to reduce costs and promote business process improvements within the insurance industry. Customers include more than 40 major life insurance carriers, thousands of agencies and many of the service providers who are primarily involved in life insurance, long term care insurance and annuity products.

You need to read the full review to know why technical analysis is used by traders and also used in the automatic trading software to generate trading signals. There are various pros of technical research over fundamental research. You will understand the benefits when you start trading using the robotic trading software.


Technical analysis benefits


Technical analysis is popular because it lets the trader distribute his trading capital evenly. This means that since every trader’s trading capital is finite, technical analysis lets one does not tie up his capital for long in a single trade. The traders who trade using fundamental analysis trade by using data and metrics and this takes time for the profits to get realized. All that fundamental analysis will tell you are that the stock is a good buy as it is undervalued. But you will never know the right price to buy the stock or within how many days the profits will be realized. This, in turn, ties up your capital and you are not able to use it in any other trade and you thus miss out on other profitable trading opportunities.


So suppose fundaments analysis let you know that a particular company is strong and it is best to invest in that company now to realize some of the profits in the future. This may because the company is about to expand or increase its business. The analysis will never tell you how long it will take for the stock to reflect the changes in its price. It could be a few days or even a few years. This will thus tie up your money and you will not be able to take another trade. It may happen that all the time the stock would move only horizontally and thus your money would just be lying idle not making any profits for you.


Technical analysis however only looks at signals that will let them know that the stock is about to start a move, either in the upward or the downward direction. This means that you can use your capital to place a trade and then immediately get out of the trade and invest the capital in some other trade. This way your capital gets rotated and you are able to invest your money more smartly.


Not for long-term trades


Technical analysis is used for short-term trades only and in case if you want to invest in a company or an asset for years then it is advised that you refer only to the fundamental reports. Both the studies have their own pros and cons and a mix of both will let you take better trading decisions.


Acquired by Skyware Software

Steve Stark (VP Marketing & Alliances)
Safaa Hashim (CTO)
Michael Sladek (VP Sales & Marketing)
Ken Leibow (COO)
Charan Singh (CEO)
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