intouch group, inc. is a world leader in music sampling and has been in the business of licensing its patented technologies and music samples database to digital music providers since 1990. The company was founded by Joshua D. Kaplan, President and CEO and holds its corporate headquarters in Berkeley, California. Since its inception, the company has developed one of the largest databases of music samples in the world. They also created the award-winning iStation, an interactive music sampling kiosk that revolutionized the way that retail music was purchased in the 1990’s. Customers in retail stores were allowed to sample up to five tracks from each of over 40,000 albums in exchange for submitting their personal demographic information for use as market data. The kiosks were only accessible in the United States until 1996, but in the fifteen years of its existence, intouch group has strived to earn the foremost position as the leader in digital music sampling.


Joe Schlessinger (Director of Engineering)

Patty MacLeod (Director of Administration)

Michelle Lifshitz (Administrative Assistant)

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