PC Calling services such as Skype are empowering people to affordably communicate with friends, family and business associates using their broadband Internet connection. iSkoot extends the reach of PC Calling by allowing users to make and receive PC Calls using only their regular cell phones.

With iSkoot, a mobile phone user gets the power of PC Calling as part of their normal communications capabilities. iSkoot eliminates the need for special hardware, headsets, microphones, broadband connections, USB phones and even PCs.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
Series A 6.2M Jesselson Capital, Khosla Ventures, ZG Ventures Unknown
02/01/07 Series B 7M Charles River Ventures, Jesselson Capital, Khosla Ventures, ZG Ventures Unknown
11/01/08 Series C 19M Vision Opportunity Master Fund, Charles River Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Jesselson Capital Corporation, ZG Ventures Unknown


Jacob Guedalia (President & COO)

David Guedalia (CTO & VP of Research & Development)

Izhar Armony (Board Member)

Miles Gilburne (Board Member)

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