Jasper Wireless is the world’s first and only global M2M Mobile Operator. The company was created to offer simple, efficient and cost-effective communications solutions for the rapidly-growing machine-to-machine device market. The company has uniquely converged wireless technologies with Internet applications to design a solution unlike any other on the market in meeting the needs of global M2M application providers.
Unlike resellers and MVNOs, Jasper Wireless is a licensed M2M Mobile Operator. As a result, the business is able to offer customers everything necessary to profitably deploy M2M devices around the world:
Global SIM – one SIM for local coverage in multiple countries
Jasper Wireless Control Center – automated provisioning and web-based controls for managing global deployments
Vertical Application Solutions – unique capabilities for the Transportation, Telematics, Security, Remote Service and Point-of-Sale industries


Jahangir Mohammed (Board Member)

Ric Murray (VP Business Development)

Jack McGwire (VP Operations)

Cindy Patterson (Executive Vice President)

Josh Coleman (sr. network engineer)

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