Films inspire us. Obsess. Puzzle. Delight. That’s what we think – and that’s why we started Jinni. Because the usual keywords and genres don’t even try to capture the meaty stories and heady experiences of film, and so they’re not much use when choosing what to see next.

A group of people who know Internet, media, psychology, algorithms, systems, and like to argue about movies. (But never anything else.) Together, we created Jinni.

Jinni isn’t a social network, it’s an internet application designed to fit how people relate to movies and TV. And since conversation is part of that, we’ve created tools to meet people with shared tastes, compare preferences, and review and rank titles.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
01/01/08 Seed 1.1M Startup Factory Unknown
12/01/09 Series A 1.6M Unknown
01/01/11 Series B 5M Belgacom, DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures Unknown



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