JustOne Database, Inc


JustOne Overview

Everything has changed since the relational database was conceived 40 years ago – everything except the fundamental database engine – which has created unnecessary cost and complexity.

JustOneDB has just emerged from stealth, and promises a new category of agile, general-purpose relational database – SQL and ACID compliant – for both operations and analytics in the same database.

This is achieved through a new database architecture, which dispenses with the need for indexes, partitioning, schema design or tuning.

The database scales from entry level to petabytes on low-cost commodity hardware, and is deployable on site or in the cloud.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
01/01/10 Convertible Debt 0.15M Private Private Unknown


Kate Mitchell (Co-Founder and CEO)

Duncan Pauly (Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer)

Paul McCafferty (Co-Founder and SVP R&D)

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