Koollage is powering the next generation of social miniblogging and media interaction. Koollage offers a refreshingly easy way to aggregate images, video, audio, web content, rss feeds, annotate with short text summaries and instantly publish to your world. Users can create stunning snippets of anything important in their lives – precious moments, ideas and hobbies, services and products, breaking news and gossip, search results, all packaged neatly into a pocket-sized form-factor called a Pod. Social activity gathers around each Pod and “travels with” the Pod, leading to an endless play of discovering, viewing, messaging, sharing and publishing. Rather than navigating through text-heavy, linear blogs, users flip through frames of content, suitable for both phone and web. The web and iPhone are just the beginning. Pods will soon find their way across numerous different form-factors and screens.


Geetanjali Paranjape (QA Manager)

Steve Rhoads (Lead Developer)

Geetha Murali (Director of Product Marketing)

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