Based in Bethesda, Maryland, privately held KoolSpan, Inc. provides simple secure connectivity solutions that seamlessly unite mission-critical network devices. KoolSpan security technologies deliver:

* Fully encrypted network connectivity and mutual authentication
* A streamlined device-to-device architecture that protects critical voice and data traffic end to end
* Distributed security management without limits of scale or network type
* A dedicated and hardened crypto engine that offloads security processing from host devices

Because it is deployed in its own optimized hardware environment, KoolSpan’s high-performance security engine remains insulated from threats and bottlenecks that can reside in open platform, mobile and legacy host devices.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
11/01/06 Series C 6.5M Security Growth Partners Unknown
04/01/08 Series D 7.1M Security Growth Partners, TWJ Capital, Rose Tech Ventures, New York Angels Unknown


Elad Yoran (Board Member)

Tony Fascenda (Founder / CEO / CTO)

Emil Sturniolo (Chief Scientist)

Matt Capoccia (VP of Sales)

Jeffrey Stern (VP of Business Development)

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