At Kosmix we strive to connect people to information that makes a difference in their lives. We seek to achieve this lofty goal at the intersection of technology and creativity; a little thing we call topic pages. For any given topic page, we gather information from across the web and transform it into an organized overview.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
11/01/05 Series A 7M Lightspeed Venture Partners Unknown
01/01/06 Series B 18M Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners Unknown
12/01/07 Series C 10M Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, DAG Ventures Unknown
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Ravi Mhatre (Board Member)

Jonathan Miller (Board of Directors Chairman)

STS Prasad (Vice President, Service Management)

Michelle Yee Sangster (Vice President, Business Development)

Theresia Gouw Ranzetta (Board Member)

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