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Kovio Inc., a privately held Silicon Valley company, is developing a new category of semiconductor products using printed silicon electronics and thin film technology. This new manufacturing technology combines the low cost of graphics printing with the power and functionality of silicon-based semiconductors. The company was founded in the MIT Media Laboratory by a team of scientists that recognized the significant impact that combining silicon and print technologies could have on the world.

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At the core of Kovio’s technology is the integration of printed silicon electronics and thin film technology. Based on breakthroughs in nanomaterials and printing technology, Kovio has developed printable silicon-based inks and process innovations. Kovio’s technology enables the fabrication of stable, high-performance, low-power integrated circuits that can operate at frequencies of MHz and above.«Less

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NAME: Printed Silicon
PRODUCT URL: http://www.kovio.com/technology.html
DESCRIPTION: Printed silicon electronics combines the intelligence and functionality of silicon semiconductors and the low-cost manufacturing paradigm of graphics printing. Instead of using conventional color inks to print magazines, books and newspapers, this new paradigm uses silicon-based inks to print integrated circuits, sensors and displays. This revolutionary technology brings the value proposition of silicon-based integrated circuits to industries that have until now not been enable to embed integrated circuits in their products.
SCREENSHOTS: Printed Silicon product

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