LangLearner is an interactive online web and mobile platform that helps you learn languages whether its for travel, leisure, or school.

The products are accessible on the web without download/installation or via the iPhone or Windows Smartphone. LangLearner stands as a platform for leaning new words by way of multimedia flashcards. Over 3,500 words and phrases are already featured for you to further customize your own materials, and you can practice and fine tune your skills by reading foreign news. Besides, interactive games are provided, and they will be quite useful not only to have some respite but also for letting anyone from beginners to advance learners start picking up some vocabulary, phrases and cultural context. Such a setting will be perfect in terms of motivation.

LangLearner’s mobile applications been selected and featured on PocketNow as the market pick numerous times and is the Samsung Mobile Application Competition. Within a month, downloads exceed 15,000.