Lincoln Reserve Group Inc.

(LRG) is a private venture capital firm organized to help operating entities, investing and capital management organizations and entrepreneurial individuals reach their financial objectives. As a direct private lender, LRG offers its clients a full range of services.

LRG was formed to address the unique investment needs of a client where a firm of qualified professionals produces a better match to client needs than larger National or Regional firms. Often these situations result from the specialized industry and functional financial knowledge of its principals, managing directors and Advisory Board members, its custom distribution capabilities, and personal relationships. In many cases, our skills and services are complimentary with larger investment or management companies.

Our client service philosophy starts with a commitment to provide substantial involvement of at least one of the Firm’s managing directors, on every project, regardless of type or size.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
01/01/12 Other 500M SHAREHOLDER CAPITAL Unknown