Risks in the trading market

Some of the other disclaimers and risks mentioned in this page are that since they don’t provide any advice and in spite of this if the user is willing to register they need to get their own private and independent financial advisor to help them understand all the risks involved. Even after consulting the advisor the user doesn’t understand the risks it’s better that they don’t get involved in this investment.

When we trade using binary options what we need to understand is that it is derived from financial instruments and what value it holds for that particular asset. Why it is important to understand the risks is that since there is fluctuation in the trading market which might lead to not having a profitable return and resulting in a loss. There are also some helpful resources here.

On one hand, they say that they assure you 95% profit and on the other hand in their disclaimer, they have mentioned that the company says that if there has been a prior success shown in the website, it doesn’t mean that the user will surely have a success.

They do not assure that you will be able to do as good as people in their testimonials.

If the user wants to rely on what the video says, they automatically accept risks involved and are ok with losing money.

They have clearly mentioned that their software has risks and data unknown to even them.

If the user chooses to go ahead and register on their website, the user is said to be responsible and agree that the owner of the site is not responsible for any failure resulting in loss of money.

They do not guarantee you that software which is available to be downloaded on their website might not harm your computer. This means that the software might have viruses, worms, Trojan, or infectious files which can harm your computer.

They have the full right to terminate your access immediately if they find out that you have given incorrect information regarding your name and your address. Also, they do not confirm that the conversation and details will be confidential. Which means that your personal information can be breached and used by anyone and they are not responsible for this.

Apart from the $250 that you invest to start the trade, you may also be charged for any third party license, software or even hardware which might be necessary to run this software and maintain backups.