Livecast launched the world’s first webcast solution in February 2005. Livecast software enables live video streaming—anywhere, anytime—all at the touch of a button on an ‘always-on-you’ camera phone or other portable platform. The result—LIVE broadcasts of events viewable by anyone with a mobile phone or PC. Using a pocket-sized camera phone to share video experiences is very compelling to mobile consumers; however, until recently, traditional options for capturing video have been too cumbersome and never streamed live.
Livecast offers a simple, convenient, option for capturing and sharing events, while eliminating the delay, hassle and expense of uploading videos through wireless MMS or a PC. Instead, Livecast has automated the process of webcasting, and concurrently saving videos on a web-server, ready to publish to online communities, video sharing sites and blogs with one-button simplicity.


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