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Long Hill Auto Service

As a NAPA Pro-care, ASE-certified, and AAA-affiliated automotive repair shop, Long Hill Auto Service in Millington, New Jersey, has provided award-winning service since Master Technician Bob Arlotta opened the doors in 1986. Over nearly three decades, Long Hill Auto Service has developed partnerships, giving customers access to the best automotive repairs and customer service. Its affiliations include local auto body, auto detailing, audio, and automobile-restoration companies.

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With a national award and a technician award for eight years in a row, the auto-repair firm is certified to repair airbags, perform digital four-wheel alignment, and conduct wheel balance and computer diagnostics. Operating five bays with five technicians, Long Hill meets the rigorous criteria of such certifying bodies as the AAA Auto Repair Program.

In the course of daily operations, Long Hill Auto Service technicians perform repairs with a level of courtesy customers notice and appreciate.


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