Markup Factory is a web publishing platform that helps you create great websites and keep them fresh and useful and alive. Plus, you can easily start an email newsletter, publish a calendar or blog, or take online registrations for your events.

Our vision for the product is to provide a stable platform on which to build your website or web application. We intend to continue to refine and develop the interface as the web evolves and we receive feedback from users. We also intend to leverage the evolving world wide web to make cutting edge Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies accessible to the masses. We’re excited about things like the semantic web, social networking, web services, APIs, XML, WiKis, AJAX, Blogs, Podcasts, and the like. Our aim is to make these technologies readily accessible to designers and developers by lowering the bar on what is required to take part in the new world wide web, while raising the bar on the quality of websites in the wild.



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