MeeGenius is a reading application for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Google TV, Google Chrome Web Store, and the Web. Launched in April 2010 by Wandy Yeap Hoh and David Park after 16 months of research and development, MeeGenius digitizes children’s stories, classic and new, and adds features such as word highlighting and audio playback for easy read-along. Also available on certain platforms are text and audio personalization tools, which further engage young readers.

Parents and friends Hoh and Park met in 2005 and shared a dream to build a business by and for families that would educate and stimulate little imaginations. Entertaining and interactive, Hoh and Park created MeeGenius for a new generation of readers – children and parents who love reading, and who are also tech-savvy and appreciate the capabilities and enhanced features of digital devices such as iPhones.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
08/01/12 Other 2.4M Broadway Angels, Sunrise Capital Partners Unknown