Metaforic provides software security across a variety of markets, including games, business software, embedded hardware, content conditional access, and more.

Founded in 2006, Metaforic is a VC-backed company with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Metaforic offers two main products: MetaFortress for anti-tamper, and MetaSure for secure storage. Our customers embed Metaforic technology into their own products in order to protect against piracy, counterfeiting, subversion, and other unwanted activities. Metaforic’s revolutionary software is easy to use and offers extreme protection with near zero performance impact.

Metaforic technology has proven itself in the lab and in the field. Case studies show that Metaforic technology provides considerably more protection (10x – 100x), is easier to apply, and provides best-in-class performance. Actually, we consider Metaforic technology to be in a class by itself.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
04/01/11 Other 8M Scottish Equity Partners, Pentech Ventures, Scottish Venture Fund Unknown