Mobicules Systems

We are a Web2.0 services company, offering services in the area of Web2.0 Applications Development, Social Network Applications development (Facebook and OpenSocial), iPhone and Android Applications and development of Social Networking Platforms.

We have very deep understanding of all technologies used in Web2.0 in general, and Social Networks and Social Network Applications specifically. We have very good appreciation of all critical Web2.0 elements like Content Syndication, Community Building, Collaboration and Usability. We understand the critical platform elements like REST, XML, and SOAP, and understand Social Application Platforms well enough to design and build one of our own.

Additionally, we are very well versed in developing with PHP, Javascript, MySQL, AJAX and Flash Action Script, and we understand the Facebook and OpenSocial APIs inside out. Our team consists of bright engineers who have fun solving problems. The harder, the better.