With over 200 U.S. based financial institutions using MShift technology as their underlying mobile platform, MShift is the market leader in the Mobile Banking Sector.

The MShift platform incorporates a “Triple Play” of delivery systems: MShift SMS / MShift Downloadable Mobile Applications, and the patented MShift Mobile Internet delivery system, which dynamically reconfigures data and content for display on over 20,000 unique handsets and mobile devices on a global scale.

Deployment times for MShift solutions are measured in weeks, vs. deployment schedules of months or quarters as seen in MShift’s competitors.

In addition to servicing financial institutions, MShift has active mobile deployments in Travel, Retail, and Logistics.

visit www.mshift.com to learn more.


Alan Finke (Vice President, Engineering and Development)

Eric Buchbinder (Board member)

Robert Renzulli (Vice President - Technology)

Scott Moeller (Chairman and CEO)

Jeff Chen (Vice President, Business Development)

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