Multigig is a fabless semiconductor supplier that has developed a fundamental advance in semiconductor circuit technology that enables new levels of performance while dramatically lowering power. With over 30 patents granted and dozens pending, the company’s RotaryWave™ technology is being incorporated into new architectures for leading-edge semiconductor products. Multigig’s RotaryWave™ circuit technology solves the problems of multi-watt power draw, skew and jitter in high-performance electronics in a completely new fashion, while still enabling the use of existing fabrication and design techniques. At its core is the first truly innovative semiconductor clock advance in decades.
Clock technology is a part of the total chip design dynamic that has recently become mission-critical in a number of areas.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
03/31/08 Series A 8.2M CMEA Ventures Unknown


Steve Beccue (CTO)

Bill Martin (Architect)

Craig Young (VP Manufacturing Operations & Quality)

Haris Basit (CEO)

Peter Walters (SVP Business Development)

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