Music Intelligence Solutions

Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc., is a global digital media corporation with offices in San Francisco, CA; Savannah, GA; and Barcelona, Spain. The Company uses patent-approved technology to enhance the consumer experience with digital content including music and video. Ecosystem partners and customers include major music labels, digital media companies, mobile services providers and web 2.0 Internet services companies such as social networks and online retail portals. The approaches used by MIS across all product lines incorporate decades of development by the original research and development team, which consisted of musicians as well as world-class PHD physicists and mathematicians. Over the years, Music Intelligence Solutions and its predecessor Polyphonic Human Media Interface (PHMI) have developed patented approaches to music and visual media discovery that can create the most compelling digital media destination for a broad consumer base of consumers, artists and businesses.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
12/07/07 Series B 7M global private equity Unknown


Ana Llopis (Board member)

Torsten Oberst (Head of Product Marketing)

Kevin Lawver (Chief Technical Architect)

Toni Trias (Board Member)

Venky Chinnathambi (CIO/CTIO)

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