MX was founded with the vision of a cross-platform interactive video format to deliver new and compelling features for movies, music, and sports across a wide range of players and distribution channels. Starting with DVD-Video and DVD-ROM, MX established a production methodology, partner network, and enabling technologies that support a wide range of creative applications. Since the first major release of MX in 2002, MX branded features have shipped on high profile movie, concert and music video products that have sold more than three million copies. Widely recognized for pushing the boundaries of DVD, MX is a participant in both next-generation optical disc format organizations. MX is working with leading consumer electronics manufacturers to optimize their next-generation players, and with movie studios, record labels, and third party developers to implement compelling next-generation packaged goods and services.


Jeff Braun (Chairman/Co-Founder)

Zane Vella (President)

Ole Lutjens (VP Development)

Joe Rice (VP Technology)

Charlie Kulas (Patent Counsel)

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