NetWitness NextGen is the most comprehensive network security monitoring solution ever developed. It is the industry’s first security monitoring software that records everything on the network, re-using it multiple times to solve some of the most challenging problems facing organizations today: insider threats, data leakage, malware activity, asset misuse, network anomalies, compliance, and e-discovery.

The NetWitness NextGen solution allows you to see everything on your network. Know Everything. The new vantage point is refreshingly simple, and refreshingly accurate. In a world full of “shades of gray,” suddenly a switch is turned on. You’re not out of the loop any more. You’re in the know. This knowledge provides you power. This knowledge provides you security.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
Series A 10M Unknown
Series B 7.5M Unknown


Nick Lantuh (President)

Tim Belcher (CTO)

Jim Charlton (Vice President of Sales)

Donald Gilberg (Vice President of Strategic Development)

Edward Schwartz (Chief Security Officer)

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