Neurobiological Technologies

Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. (NTI™) (Nasdaq: NTII) is an emerging drug development company focused on the clinical development and regulatory approval of neuroscience drugs. The company is involved and develops neuroprotective and neuromodulatory agents to treat progressive neurological impairments characteristic of various nervous system disorders, including Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetic neuropathy and brain cancer. The company’s scientific focus is neuroprotection, or the prevention or amelioration of neuronal injury associated with a variety of acute, chronic and degenerative neurological conditions. Damaged neurons contribute significantly to functional impairment in many peripheral and central nervous system disorders, including chronic diseases such as diabetes, AIDS, and Alzheimer’s disease.


Lisa Carr (Senior Vice President & CMO)

John Stuppin (Board Member)

Karl Trass (Director of Regulatory Affairs)

Stephen Petti (VP Product Development)

Abraham Cohen (Board Member)

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