NewsGator has been making social a reality for global organizations for as long as social business solutions have been around. We’re the only provider delivering a full-featured, trusted social networking solution at enterprise scale with successful deployments to over four million paid users. We’re also the fastest path to social on SharePoint 2013. And for that, Microsoft honored us as their 2011 U.S. Partner of the Year and, more recently, a Globally Managed Partner.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
06/01/04 Series A 1.4M Masthead Venture Partners, Mobius Venture Capital Unknown
12/01/04 Series B Unknown Mobius Venture Capital Unknown
04/01/06 Series C 7M Unknown
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Daniel Kraft (CEO & President)

Brian Kellner (Executive VP, Development and Product Management)

J.B. Holston (CEO & President)

Greg Reinacker (CTO & Founder)

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