Does Michael Crawford Actually Exit?

The owner Michael Crawford in the presentation video says that he is a multi-millionaire and very popular famous traders. He says that because of his trading skills and the website he has multiple nicknames and says that he is featured in the popular finance magazine, Forbes. Now, this is a bold claim made by the website because Michael Crawford was nowhere to be found, neither is millionaire section nor in trading field. He was also searched everywhere using his nicknames, but no trace of him. click for info

How Gaining Profit Works

The profits mentioned by the websites is impossible to make within 1 day. If you are a well-experienced trader or learn everything about trading you will know that making such profits within a day is not ideal and even if you invest the complete $250 to make trades, you cannot reach that value of profit mentioned. Gaining a profit completely depends on how much you are investing and to grow your account 10,000 times just in a month is unimaginable. If anyone or any software could predict future as accurate as 100% everyone would be rich and everyone would live in peace.

The Testimonials Made

At the bottom of the official site, you will find a section where it includes testimonials from people who are traders and made use of this website to make a lot of profits. There is mention of 2 traders who upon examining were found to be actors. This shows that Michael Crawford has paid more actor such as himself to give false testimonials.

Beware! The people who have come up with Quantum Code website and successfully conned many have come up with another scam known as “Bitcoin Code”. Not long ago even this scam was exposed by many websites.


When the Quantum Code System was tested by creating account and trading, the results found were very disappointing. The software has found to make no profit at all. All the promises made were found to false. There were no profitable trades when tested, instead, it was found that the accounts which were created would slowly exhaust within a few days of trading.

On further investigation, it was found out that the owners of the software were previously part of another dishonored software in the market. Quantum Code was just another way of relaunching the previously failed scam service in another country with other name and different method. The software has been declared as a scam software until it will provide with any positive proof.