At Numonyx, we remember our focus. We create memory solutions that make many of today’s applications possible. Wireless handsets, digital cameras, routers, automotive safety systems, industrial automation and removable storage media—our NOR, NAND, and MCP RAM solutions make our customers’ designs a reality.

We bring together the expertise of STMicroelectronics and Intel Corporation. But our focus creates a new level of passion and commitment. The industry’s leading multi-bit per cell technology. State-of-the art lithographies. A global team of memory experts. A complete range of densities, packages, and software. Renowned manufacturing excellence. Our expertise is wholly focused on creating the memory solutions you need to make today’s and tomorrow’s designs possible.

We want to get you to market with the right solution, now. So we make it simpler to design with Numonyx memory. And we lend the expertise and tools that glide you through rapidly changing market needs.


Rick Hegberg (SVP, General Manager, Worldwide Sales and Marketing)

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