Oncologic has developed a proprietary anti-cancer technology anticipated to give CURE rates of approximately 90% for a majority of metastasized solid tumors, including malignancies of the breast, lung and colon. By contrast, current chemotherapy methods that may greatly reduce the mass of metastasized cancer are seldom CURES: the cancer reappears in an untreatable form, resistant to chemotherapy. The approach is called S.T.A.R.™ which stands for Selectively Targeted Amplified Radiotherapy. The center of the S.T.A.R.™ advantage is a powerful nanotechnology that unites advances in molecular biology, proteomics, and chemotherapeutics into a radically different intravenous therapy sequence that “burns out” primary and metastatic tumors by the delivery and immobilization of radioisotopes, without significant damage to normal cells and tissues.


Winston Salser (Board Member)

Gary Braslawsky (Director of Pre-clinical Development)

Christopher Ray (Board Member)

Roy Skogstrom (Board Member)

Hsiao-Ling Chin (sr. chemist)

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