The Mountain View, Calif. company, founded by ex-Google employees has claimed to have created a “new interaction and monetization platform for online and offline video,” and that it raised a large round of funding from the “typical folks in the valley and the not-so-typical guys in Hollywood.

Ooyala’s main product is an HD-capable video distribution and ad-delivery platform. The system, which is still awaiting patent-approved status, won Ooyala an Amazon-sponsored start-up competition earlier this month. They will receive a $50,000 in cash and $50,000 worth of Amazon Web Service credits.

The Ooyala system promises to offer targeted advertising, branding and buffering, which allows viewers to skip to any point in the video.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
04/01/07 Series A 10M Sierra Ventures Unknown
01/24/08 Series B 8.5M Sierra Ventures Unknown
10/01/09 Series C 10M Rembrandt Venture Partners, Sierra Ventures Unknown
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Sean St. Clair (Director of Strategic Partnerships)

Bryan Morris (VP Finance)

Jay Fulcher (CEO)

Brian Morris (VP of Finance)

Sean Knapp (Co-Founder & President of Technology)

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