Optimum Communications Services


Optimum Communications Services, Inc. (OCS) is a wholesale network service provider using its patented ITN technology platform to provide cost-efficient multi-protocol backbone network and broadband VPN solutions for end-user-serving communications providers, on-line service providers and information-intensive enterprises.

OCS was founded in 2005 by Mark Sandstrom, board member and president and CEO, John Pinsent, board member and consulting CFO, and Randy Thompson, board member. In addition, OCS’ team includes Richard Huffman, VP of Business Development, Mark O’Shaughnessy, VP of Marketing and Sales, and Chris Gare, advisor for the company’s global partner relations.


Mark Sandstrom (President & CEO)

John Pinsent (Consulting CFO)

Richard Huffman (VP of Business Development)

Mark O’Shaughnessy (VP of Marketing & Sales)

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