Ourlikes.com was founded on the belief that it shouldn’t be that difficult to find people with similar interests. At Ourlikes.com, we allow people to rate specific images, which represent interests, such as books, brands, celebrities, food, general interests, magazines, movies, music, places, politics, sports, television, etc. These are items that describe our actual interests, and the best part is that our members can upload their own images, representing their true interests, so that others can rate those particular images. Our members, which we call Ourlikers, can view and rate these images on a scale of Love, Like, No Opinion, Not A Fan and Can’t Stand. Since other Ourlikers will be rating these same images, you can go to any Ourlikers profile page and see what images you both have rated in common! The barrier of communication is now automatically lowered because you can see what things you both either love or can’t stand and use that as the basis of the conversation!


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