Paltalk Overview

PalTalk is a video enabled chat room service. In addition to private rooms, PalTalk has public screening rooms, which let up to 5000 users enter a chat room and watch a streaming video together while chatting. Users need to download a client to use the service. PalTalk People is a complimentary social networking site for PalTalk users to meet each other.

Paltak is created by the AVM software group. With the help of PalTalk, users can freely communicate by means of internet chat, voice and even video. PalTalk can be easily downloaded and installed from the Google App store for the Android operating systems and from the iTunes store for the Mac operating systems. PalTalk is also available for Windows operating systems and can also be installed on your kindle. The software is available both in the desktop mode and for smart phones. Software can be downloaded free of cost, however upgrades to the software are available at a small price.

Users have the chance to catch up with old friends and meet new people using the PalTalk app. Some of the popular features of PalTalk that users enjoy the most are:

  • Enter a group video chat that is live
  • Send stickers and gifts to new and old friends to start a conversation
  • Listen to your favourite collection of music
  • Join and sing along with live karaoke
  • Chance to play group trivia
  • Be a part of a debate group and get to the opportunity to contribute in a lively political debate
  • Post Youtube videos or SoundCloud clips and have users to watch it together

Thus, users have the opportunity to choose from all this and much more. Users will simply have to select from the thousands of live chat rooms based on their mood and preference and be a part of something creative along with millions of other members from all over the world.

Ever since its launch, PalTalk has seen an increase in the number of users, from 5.5 million users in 2013 to over a 100 million users in 2015 and this number continues to grow. The large user base is one of the main reasons why PalTalk is a profitable venture today.

PalTalk has won a few awards which include:

  • 2005: The Pulver 100
  • 2007: Always On 100 Top Companies
  • 2007: NET Editor’s pick

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