• PayPal is an open digital payment platform that provides new ways to connect and make transactions in the most efficient manner. PayPal was launched with the mission to create windows of opportunity by having access to different financial services. PayPal helps users to manage and transfer money easily and conveniently.

    PayPal is present in more than 200+ markets around the globe with over 200+ million active account holders enabling them to accept money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw money in about 56 currencies and maintain balances in over 25 currencies. Users are not required to have a PayPal account to carry out online transactions, however the PayPal app can be freely downloaded from the Google Play store and the iTunes App store, hence allowing users with all operating systems to access it with ease.

    The different services of PayPal include:

    • Ability to transfer money between individuals and businesses electronically
    • Carry out online auctions, buy or sell goods and services, donate or receive money
    • Created the Student Account helping parents to start an account for students to transfer money for them to use and to teach them to manage money wisely. However, this service was suspended in 2016.
    • Allows peer-to-peer online transactions
    • PayPal launched PayPal Credit that allows users to shop online using PayPal Credit as means of payment mode, similar to the role of a credit card, subject to credit availability
    • PayPal launched PayPal Here that consists of a free mobile app and a miniature card-reader, which can be plugged into user’s smart phone

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