Perka is a smart loyalty program that helps small merchants and their regular customers support one another. Our unique system gives customers the satisfaction of being recognized with increasing tiers of “perks,” and in turn provides real, meaningful intelligence to merchants.

The subscription-based platform includes in-store technology for local small businesses to engage their regular customers and reward authentic purchases. Loyal customers earn perks such as free product or cash discounts by texting from any mobile phone or using the Perka smartphone app.

A custom-designed Perka loyalty rewards program works every day to help a small business owner encourage repeat customer visits and higher sales, without resorting to the steep discounts of one-time coupons and local daily deals.


Joe Stelmach (Co-founder)

Rob Coury (Co-founder)

Rob Bethge (Co-founder, CMO)

Jay Harlow (Co-founder)

Bob Smith (Admin)

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