At Planeto we´re building the world´s first social Knowledge Network. At its core it´s a hybrid between a social network and an exciting quiz game. Yes, we know, it sounds strange. But you´ll understand when you try it. 😉

With Planeto you can find and access the untapped wisdom in your social network. What knowledge do your friends and acquaintances have? Who in your network is an expert on HTML programming? Photography? Or French wines? Who can help you pick the right vacation spot outside Barcelona? And what is your own expertise?

With Planeto you can find and share knowledge. Play, learn and have fun. This playground was built for you!

(And for the really inquisitive: the formal name of the company is Planeto AB, where AB stands for aktiebolag, the Swedish equivalent to Limited Liability Company. Our Swedish corporate organization number is 556774-4163 and you can find more corporate registration details here (in Swedish only):