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We boast the #1 game on MySpace—Mobsters—and three of the top four applications. But it doesn’t stop there. Fueled by explosive growth on Facebook and an expanding pipeline of new games and features, we may be the fastest growing social gaming company on the planet. How do we do it? We’re obsessed with one thing: our players.

Everything we do is geared towards delivering the best possible…More»

Everything we do is geared towards delivering the best possible player experience.

A game may be played for entertainment, competition or as a profession. There are various aspects which make a game popular. An extremely user-friendly interface, excellent graphical representation, good sensitivity to player actions, the real-time effect of external response, continuity etc determine how engaging the game is. The company takes care of every slice of gamer’s experience.

Playdom works to catch the nerve of the game and deliver the best experience of the player. If the player desires for a change in the mode of play, we are there to help. The success and survival of a game depending on how improved the newer versions are. Regular updates and error rectification add to the user continuation. Playdom caters to the demand for improvement for keeping up the satisfaction of the players.

Gaming is also a platform where technology plays the central role. A game is created by modifying technology according to the direction of the thought process of the players. Technology keeps on improving. A high-end game launched recently may be a star now but very soon will be replaced by a newer game which is backed by the latest technology then. Players look for success after challenges and higher the success rate, better received the game is. Games are subjected to quality testing and you can see that in any full review provided by the company, written for improving player experience.It’s a tall order, especially in an industry that’s still young and evolving, and we’ll inevitably learn as we go. But as long as we stay true to what’s important to our players, we’ll stay on course. That’s the power of Playdom—where players rule!«Less

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