Podclass.com is an online teaching and learning community that enables people to teach entire online courses on any subject and get paid for their expertise. Students can sign up at Podclass.com or from within Facebook and Podclass delivers the online course content.

With Podclass, users can create complete online courses, offer virtual seminars or workshops, upload podcasts and even offer private membership courses – and offer them to students around the world.

Podclass is one of the first 10 companies out of 1,000 applicants to be chosen for the Facebook fbFund grant. The Podclass Facebook application enable users to teach, learn and access all of their course content from inside of Facebook.

Podclass recently announced the release of their web services technology that interfaces with an industry-standard learning management system used by over 45,000 colleges, universities and companies worldwide, enabling students from these institutions to access courses inside of Facebook.



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