The web is getting to know you, help her understand what you want. Popego filters what you and your friends are doing online to bring you videos, websites, music and people that match your interests. Popego is an Internet company building AI technology and innovative interfaces to create a more personal and meaningful web. We envisioned a new dimension emerging over the social graph: Interests; and we set out to build a product capable of exploring this new dimension, modeling interests and synthesizing interest profiles for internet users based on all their online activity, extracting semantic information from their online content and connections. Based on these interest models, we let our users filter the web to get those gems that are meaningful to them. Besides interesting recommendations, our users can also share their interest profiles to show the world what they like and find people with matching interests.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
09/01/07 Seed 0.25M Esteban Sosnik, Wenceslao Casares, Aconcagua Ventures Unknown



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