Portalarium, Inc. was formed in September 2009 for the purpose of developing and publishing online social games, virtual worlds and related services and products.

Target deployment is across all popular social networks (Facebook, MySpace, etc.), mobile platforms (iPhone, Android), browser types (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, others), and PC hardware platforms (PC, Macintosh).

The goal is to foster people coming together for shared play, learning, good will and community. We desire to maximize the social play experience between friends, and to make it is easy and seamless for them to find each other online regardless of what they each may be doing.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
07/01/12 Series A 7M m8 Capital Unknown


Fred Schmidt (Co-Founder, CEO, President, Chief Product Evangelist & Humachine, Director of Publishing)

Dallas Snell (Board member)

Stephen Nichols (Co-Founder, Vice President, Director of Technology)

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