Powerset’s goal is to change the way people interact with technology by enabling computers to understand our language. While this is a difficult challenge, we believe that now is the right time to begin the journey. Powerset is first applying its natural language processing to search, aiming to improve the way we find information by unlocking the meaning encoded in ordinary human language.

Powerset’s technology improves the entire search process. In the search box, you can express yourself in keywords, phrases, or simple questions. On the search results page, Powerset gives more accurate results, often answering questions directly, and aggregates information from across multiple articles. Finally, Powerset’s technology follows you into enhanced Wikipedia articles, giving you a better way to quickly digest and navigate content.

In July 2008, Microsoft announced plans to acquire Microsoft for ~$100 million.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
06/01/07 Series A 12.5M Foundation Capital, The Founder’s Fund Unknown


John McKinley (Co-Founder)

Scott Banister (Co-Founder & Chairman)

Barney Pell (Chairman, CEO)

Lorenzo Thione (Founder)

Charles Moldow (Board Member)

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