Prodapt provides application development, deployment, and integration services in helping create the next generation of Web-Service based solutions for some of the world’s leading companies. Prodapt’s approach is predicated on subordinating market leading technology solutions to our client’s business needs. We serve clients across the globe through our offshore development center located in Chennai, India as well as offices in the United States. Our partnerships and experience working closely with the world’s leading technology vendors allow us to bring cutting edge product and technology expertise to bear on solving business problems. Prodapt’s project teams utilize a combination of offshore and onsite resources depending on the needs of our clients, allowing us to deliver exceptional value.


Venu Srinivasen (Board Member)

Magnus Ryde (Board Member)

Hamid Moghadam (Board Member)

Hnrik Ekelund (Board Member)

Prithvi Kandanda (VP of Sales & Marketing)

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